XBLRider Server Xbox 360 Rgh

Installation Tutorial:

View Installation Instructions: Press Here!

How to Get Better Kv Life:

  • Do not use Xbox 360 Neighborhood, Xbdm.xex, XDRPC.xex, JRP2.xex, or any type of plugins that require the tools,
    (the use of tools greatly reduces the kv Life).
  • Do Not Use Microsoft Points on the Server Unless Required,
    (Use of Microsoft Points Raises Suspicions in Your Profile and Causes a Decrease in Kv Life).
  • Do not use or enter applications such as Freestyle, Dashlaunch, Xexmenu, Aurora, etc., while you are unbanned,
    (if you are going to run a game, start it in digital format as if it were purchased from the store).
  • Do not use Mod Menus that need to connect to the internet, verify it by placing it in your console and that it works without the console being connected to the internet or your network
    (some menus, such as cracked ones, usually steal the kvs from their consoles).
  • Do not move the configuration of the (dashlaunch) that the xblrider server assigned you,
    make sure you have on your hard drive (hdd) the file (launch.ini), which was delivered to you when you bought the xblrider server. Download (launch.ini)
  • If you do all these steps your kv will last between 7 to 15 days guaranteed

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